Q: What is different about TuneTower. Why should the site matter?
A: We believe that we've found the sweet spot between entertainment & social commentary. Without the restrains that come with platforms gone corporate. You can be as powerful and as involved as you like. As the slogan states, this is a community built for the people.

Q: Does streaming / downloading cost anything?
A: NO! No no no! We will NEVER ask you for money. We are NOT running any ads. Any advertisements you may encounter originate from some of the indexed 3rd party links, services in no way associated with TuneTower.  If you stumble upon ads asking you for personal data of any kind, disregard it.

However, we urge you to support your favorite creators and support their work appropriately. You might think... well isn't that a bit hypocritical given you link to 3rd parties allowing access to content for free? Yes, it is. However, our focus is on building a community, not a malware station. We would love to create a heaven for all. Too naive? Maybe.

Q: I want to become involved with #tunetowerARMY. How do I go about it?
A: It is as simple as creating an account and saying hello over here: tunetower @ protonmail [dot] com

Q: There are many perks missing from the platform. Why is that?
A: We truly want to make this a place as awesome as it could possibly be. A fanzone. A community servicing the community. But we need YOU and time.

Q: Are you open to affiliating with my blog/website/forum etc?
A: Hell yeah. Of course. Get in touch and let's get it done.