TuneTower is a community built for the people. A community tuned into popular culture. We felt like there was a missing link, when it comes to bridging the gap between artists, established ones and the fans. In no way are we supporting piracy. But we take a stance when popular culture is being constantly pushed in front of you, with no appropriate services to satisfy the hunger it creates. Sure, plently CORPORATE services allow you to express opinion, stream FILTERED music, watch movies with RESTRICTED libraries and so on and so forth. But we felt like there was something more to be done. A place, run by the community, not by a corporation. Where you can be free to express yourself freely and privately.

What are you waiting for. Create an account and engage. Become part of the #tunetowerARMY. Tell your friends, to tell your friends. Get active, get verified. Lets build something with less restrictions and more freedom. Let us hear your voice. TuneTower gives you, all of us, a tiny bit of control that is so hard to find anymore.

For any suggestions, requests, interest in deeper involvement, get in touch!